Welcome to my blog! My name is Zala and I was born in Ethiopia to two health educators in the mid 80’s. My parents ingrained in me the virtues of good eating and wellness practices at a very young age. Addis Ababa can be a very busy place, but for me it was a place of wonder and learning. Going to the market with my parents, they would point out all of the different fruits, vegetables, and meats along with the nutrient information. Then we we’d get home and my mom would teach me how to cook everything we just bought. Those years were honestly some of the best of my life. Inspiration is a hard thing to come by, but I was fortunate to have a mother that sparked my fascination and passion with healthy living.

In the mid 90’s my family and I ┬ámoved to rural South Carolina where I currently live today. It was very jarring to transition from a place of such excitement and busyness to a place where barely anything is open on Sundays. But we found a community and a new home where people accepted us. My parents continued to teach and I learned a whole new way of cooking and a whole new palette of food. Injera accompanied dinners were followed the next day with fried chicken and biscuits. It was a glorious time of exploration and new experience.

Mom in the MiddleNow that I’m older I’ve moved to the coast and currently reside in Charleston. This city has a pulse and a love of food that will hold me here until the day I die. My mother and father have moved back to Addis Ababa where they are retired and actively engaged in their church (see picture to the left. My mom’s in the middle!). I try to visit once a year, but it’s hard when you have a wellness blog to run!

But when time runs short you can’t forget to give…

Which is why my company supports other blog endeavors. These include many startups that are looking to do good in their local communities. I’ve found that to make a large impact you don’t always have to spend tons of money. Offer your time and your expertise and that is typically enough for you to make an impact. Just some of my partnerships include:

  • http://www.agustincooks.com/
  • http://www.hooponoponofrance.com/
  • http://www.starathleticsallstars.com


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