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Defeating Obesity With Keto Indian Food?

Many Indian food are spicy, salty and delicious. There are tons of spices and additives that the average person would not know. The flavorful rice and naan are to die for. In addition, the delicious coconut curry and pita breads are a must. But, by consuming too of these authentic India food, can build too much carb overload for you. If you are trying to lose weight, you should really take a step back and read the ingredients in Indian food. For those on the keto diet, Indian food may not be for you, unless you alternate the meals correctly. Keto Indian Food is extremely simple if you plan ahead. In our post, we’ll help reveal some ideas to keep tradition Indian food on your menu.

'Traditional Indian Dinner'
Traditional Indian Food

*Indian Food: Which Indian Food Has The Most Carbs?

Before ordering at an authentic Indian restaurant, be sure to ask your waiter/waitress about the ingredients. If you are already on the keto diet, you should definitely avoid meals with carbohydrates. Sometimes, Indian foods may have hidden ingredients that may affect your keto diet. In adition, become acquainted with the proper portion sizes for each kind of food which you eat. A less difficult choice to make sure your Indian cuisine is keto is DIY homemade Keto Indian Food! Cooking your very own ketogenic Indian food is a lot healthier and can be equally as delicious. Plus, you’ll know exactly what is in the dish. It’s a fact that certain forms of restaurants are now somewhat more Keto friendly than others. But, here are some Indian food to steer away if you are on the keto diet:

  • Samosa
  • Pakora
  • Bhaji
  • Papadums
  • Gulab Jamum
  • Mango Lassis

Although these are popular Indian dishes and drinks, they contain lots of carbs and sugar. If can’t find the will to bypass these traditional Indian food, at lease eat half the portion or fast for 18 hours. Furthermore, if you definitely can’t eliminate these delicious food, eat ketosis pills such as Keto Trin to help balance you body’s ketones.

Personally, Mexican and Caribbean Restaurants give me the most difficulty, because there isn’t any minimal carb option, so I wouldn’t visit the restaurant in the very first place. In case you go to an Indian restaurant, you may likely find a few items which are keto or very low carb. Just remember, in any weight loss journey, it’s mind over matter.

**Tips On How To Reduce Your Carb Intake

To reduce your carb intake, don’t eat carbs! It’s easier said then done though. Tip number one: serving of most vegetables should stay within the magnitude of your plate. In addition, be aware that the smoothies and alcoholic drinks are somewhat higher in carbs. Occasionally it requires a bit of time before you truly feel satisfied, and therefore don’t rush back for seconds if you’re attempting to shed weight. Second tip, eat lots of veggies and drink a full cup of water.

Cut of Water

Thirdly, it’s essential to present your body time to adapt to ketosis and work its magic. Whoever has dieted before knows that the very first few days can be quite rough. Remember that everybody has different needs, you will also have to correct your plan as you eliminate weight since your needs will change. Here are some more tips to reduce the carb intake:

  • Cut back on bread.
  • Eliminate sugar.
  • Take time and read food labels.
  • Eat wheat instead of flour.
  • Use sweeteners instead of sugar.
  • Skip the bread and potatoes and go for veggies.
  • Drink almond milk instead.
  • Eat more healthy fats like avocados.
  • Count carbs and calories.

**DIY Easy Indian Food With Less Carbs

All you need to do is map out your everyday intake and track what you are eating. Therefore, if you’re trying to limit your carb intake more strictly, then think about decreasing the amount of pita bread and potatoes. Elimiate soft drinks also. Add more spices to your Indian dish to make it taste better. If you want more details on future authentic food, make sure to bookmark our blog, to your search history. But anyways here are some of the easiest Keto Indian Meals to make at home:

  1. Curry – go with the meatless curry to lose weight faster.
  2. Tandoori Chicken – Indian barbecue chicken.
  3. Rogan Josh – red lamb with dry spices, turmeric and other natural ingredients.
  4. Kabobs- beef, chicken and goat. Be sure to add veggies on the kaobs too!
  5. Butter chicken – skipping the rice is vital when eating this dish.
keto Indian food
Indian food
Indian Kabobs
Healthy Kabobs

So, the Keto diet is not any different. In other words, it is all about consuming ample amounts of healthy fats, moderate amount of protein and scarce amount of carbs. In the end, shedding weight, the only thing which matters in the ketogenic diet is the variety of carbs and sweet you consume.

Five Indian Dish With Low Carbs

Here are five delicious low carbohydrate Indian meals to consider. There are tons of YouTube videos on how to make each dish.

  1. Paner Bhurji
  2. Baigan ka bharta
  3. Palak Paneer
  4. Avial
  5. Sarso ka Saag
Conclusions: Final Thoughts On Ketosis & Indian Food

Although, the yummy smells of Indian food will make your stomach growl, you can’t completely forget about staying on the ketosis course! Otherwise, add other traditional foods that’s similar to Indian foods to combat your cravings. Adding spices to your Indian meals is a must if you want the dish taste good and the Indian food will be more authentic. Scientifically proven, spices can promote weight loss if you are curious about to trying.

Keto diet menu is definitely one of the very best working tools, but again that doesn’t show results on everybody, just enjoy any diet strategy. Here is a quick video on making your own Keto Indian Food at home.