My Favorite Ramadan Meals

Why Ramadan Meals are the BEST!

Like I said before, I’m not a Muslim. Even so, I’ve shared many midnight meals over Ramadan dinners that have blown my mind. Food is such a unifying thing and I want to use this blog to highlight the things that bring us together as humans regardless of skin color, religion, or political views. Ramadan offers a very unique opportunity to apply a more discerning focus to meals and time with friends/family. This is why I want to share a few recipes I’ve found that really highlight the joys of eating, family, and togetherness.

Three Early Morning Dishes for Ramadan

1) Ekmek Flatbread – A dish typical of Turkey, this bread is traditionally cooked in a clay oven and can be eaten during any meal. This makes it a versatile and rewarding feature on any ramadan table.

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2) Menemen – Also known as Turkish Scrambled Eggs, Menemen is a great way to kick off your dark Ramadan day. Full of exotic spices and a large base of protein, this dish is sure to fuel your day in the most fulfilling ways.

Menemen (Turkish-Style Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes, Onions, and Chilies) Recipe

3) Egyptian Omelette – Similar to the Menemen, the egyptian omelette relies on a heavy contribution from eggs to provide flavor and sustenance. Perfect for a quick Ramadan meal when you’re in a rush.


Three Dinner Dishes for Ramadan

1) Iraqi Lamb and Eggplant StewA rich and tangy dish, this stew represents the best of middle eastern cuisine. Just take the ingredients and throw them in a pot and watch the magic happen!

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2) Mawmenye – Simply a combination of lentils and beef in a middle eastern soup, this is a staple for many of my friends in the middle east. If you like something sweet, simple, and scrumptious then look no further!

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3) Tajin Sibnekh – Hailing originally from Tunisia, this chicken and egg dish often assumes the form of a meat pie. With a flaky crust it’s all you need to bounce back from a day of fasting.

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More About Ramadan and Fasting

Some could say that it’s a time for fasting. It is a good time to get around the crowds. In regard to weather, the ideal time to go to the nation is from October to April whenever the temperature is during its pleasant optimal/optimally. Others are going to commence fasting a day later, Tuesday, because of moon-sighting methodology that may lead to unique countries declaring the beginning of Ramadan a day or two apart. In special events, you can constitute the days of fasting at a subsequent date. Thus, it moves back 10 days each year and thus it requires something like 30 years to come whole circle. The Ramadan month is thought to be an off-season with regard to tourist activity in Dubai.

Fasting does not apply just to the human desire to eat. Fasting during Ramadan is reportedly thirty times more powerful than doing this at any other time of year. Even the inadequate fast during Ramadan, and helping an inadequate person break their fast at sundown is believed to confer increased reward on the two of you.

Egyptian Coffee and the Importance of Good Food

Egyptian coffee might taste somewhat sour, because of the regional beans, but nevertheless, it can be masked with the addition of sugar. In the last several years, breakfast has turned into a luxury for those of Iraq. You might believe that if you go without food you can’t believe as clearly. Fried food also needs to be avoided as they are unhealthy and might earn an individual easily hungry. You need to be careful regarding the use of alcohol. In this type of places, you can drink alcohol, so it’s not uncommon to come across inebriated men and women in the tiny hours, so be mindful with cars.Image result for egyptian coffee

Fasting is easily the most well-known part of Ramadan. Ramadan fasting isn’t dangerous for healthy adults. There are a number of diverse things which are going on during Ramadan. It is a perfect time to build bridges and reconciliation with friends, neighbors, classmates, and co-workers regardless of religion. It is also an exercise in self-restraint. Ramadan provides a chance to shed weight, but structured and consistent lifestyle modifications are essential to achieve lasting weight reduction.” It is well known as the famous month-long fast of Islam.

Muslims fast since they believe it’s essential for spiritual wellness. It will become compulsory for Muslims to get started fasting when they reach puberty, as long as they are healthy, sane and don’t have any disabilities or illnesses. Muslims celebrate the conclusion of Ramadan with a couple of days holiday named Eid al-Fitr. During the entire moth of Ramadan, they are recommended to read the entire Quran. Islam is meant to dominate the rest of the people and faiths. This sort of jihad is the legitimate Sixth-Pillar of Islam.